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We offer a variety of modern and sophisticated designs such as Japanese jackets, blousons, skirts, dresses, etc. that are suitable for all generations.

Fascinated by kimonos made by many people, we revive Japanese culture in the form of kimono remakes, designed to be worn by people of various ages, genders, and nationalities.

We hope that as many people as possible will appreciate Japanese fashion.

"A New Breath of Life Woven by Timeless Japanese Fashiones"

The theme of our kimono makeovers is to bring new life to innovative Japanese patterns, weaving patterns, and materials, drawing out the charm of each while creating a modern version of the very "timeless and new form of revival.

All of the garments we tailor are kimono remakes. Therefore, many of them are made by combining multiple fabrics, such as silk and kasuri, making every piece of Japanese fashion a one-of-a-kind piece that is unique to you and only you.


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