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Your own one-of-a-kind work of art

All of the Japanese jackets, blousons, dresses, and other garments we tailor are remakes of kimonos and old fabrics. Therefore, many of them are made by combining multiple fabrics, making every piece of clothing unique to you and only one in the world.

In addition, due to the characteristics of remaking old clothes and cloth, there are cases where stains, dullness, and dirt will inevitably remain. Please understand this in advance.



We tailor our creations to maximize the original quality of the kimono, based on the skills and knowledge of our craftsmen, and above all, on the atmosphere created by the kimono fabric, which is unique to each piece, the history of Japan, and the feelings that go into the fabric.

The pieces created in this way are contemporary and sophisticated designs that can be loved by people of various ages, genders, and nationalities. Attracted by their artistry, we have held exhibitions even before we opened our store, and many people have loved them.


Contribution to the SDGs

We hear the term "SDGs" a lot these days.

This is a goal to realize a "sustainable world," and we are contributing to the SDGs by making effective use of even the so-called "scraps" left over from remaking, thereby utilizing resources without waste.

Remaking kimono and old cloths can be said to be the starting point of ecology, "revitalizing old things into new things".