• KimonoStudio Matsuno specializes in kimono makeovers. We remake old kimonos and Japanese patterned fabrics into newly designed garments and sell them.

About us

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Our store is located in Hokkaido, Japan. We mainly makeover kimono and Japanese pattern fabrics into new blousons, jackets, skirts, dresses, etc. and sell them.

Fascinated by kimonos made by many people, this work breathes modern life into Japanese culture in the form of makeovers of kimonos.

In this day and age when everyone wears the same kind of clothing, the beautiful and gorgeous clothes played by the Japanese and Western worlds will thrill the hearts of those who see them.

We hope that as many people as possible will appreciate the makeover.

Kimono Fabric

A New Breath of Life Woven by Japanese Fashiones that Transcend Time

The theme of this project is truly a makeover that "transcends time and revives itself into a new form," taking advantage of the innovative patterns, weaves, and materials of ancient Japan, while drawing out the charm of each.
Some of the fabrics are extremely rare or unavailable today, and all of our products are one-of-a-kind, so you can purchase your very own one-of-a-kind piece.

We have a wide variety of jackets, blousons, dresses, etc. with sophisticated designs that can be worn by all generations, including Japanese and Western collaborations and contemporary designs, so please take your time to browse.

KimonoStudio Matsuno" is a one-of-a-kind brand that will be there for you.



He became involved in kimono sales and through his work became interested in weaving, dyeing, and threads, and learned about weaving, dyeing, and thread pongee methods from all over Japan.

He received serious instruction in Western-style dressmaking from a dressmaker specializing in custom orders, and since then, as he makeover kimonos for himself and took orders from acquaintances, he held exhibitions and became famous until his work was featured in a local newspaper.

He exhibited and sold his works at commercial facilities several times a year on a regular basis, but in order to make his works known not only locally but also to people all over Japan and the world, he launched an online store as "KimonoStudio Matsuno.

Exhibition of Kimono Remake

Brand history


Involved in merchandising and sales, he became interested in yarn, dyeing, weaving, etc., and learned about the methods of weavers, dyers, and yarn pongees all over the country.


Kanebo's lingerie division was started, where he learned about Kanebo Spinning and the process of making yarn.


Originally a dressmaker, he received serious instruction in dressmaking from a dressmaker specializing in custom orders, and later began taking orders from people he knew.


At that time, kimono makeovers started to appear in the world. I had many kimonos that I had not yet remade, so I remade them for myself and wore them on a daily basis, and then my acquaintances asked me to start remaking kimonos for them.

As of 2003 - 2023

Holding regular exhibitions of works at galleries and other locations, local department stores, and commercial halls.
Since then, he has exhibited his works about once a year and has been interviewed by local newspapers.