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Japanese Vintage Kimono Remake Jacket Sukajan MaruObi Pure silk Antique Unique

Japanese Vintage Kimono Remake Jacket Sukajan MaruObi Pure silk Antique Unique

Antique fashion that exudes dignity

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Using a graceful vintage Maruobi, we remade it into a durable and comfortable blouson jacket.
This is a period Maruobi from the late Taisho or early Showa period. It is very auspicious, with bamboo, wave, plum, and chrysanthemum patterns interwoven between cranes and old pine trees, which signify longevity.

The collar, cuffs, and hem area are made of a thick ribbed knit in a dark green color that matches the overall atmosphere. The lining is lined with 100% muslin wool Nagajuban fabric.
The back of the obi is lined with an adhesive core, making it a firm fabric that does not easily lose its shape.

The fabric, with its vintage-like grained texture, creates a deep adult appeal, and is a work of art that combines both design and functionality.

What is a Maruobi? How to use it in remakes and how it differs from Fukuro Obi!

Length 23.6
Chest 46.4
Sleeve length(CB) 30.7
  • Measurements are taken on a flat surface.
  • Sleeve length(CB) is from the center of the base of the back of the neck to the cuff.
  • Please note that there may be a slight difference between the actual product and the size indicated. Please understand this in advance.

-About the size of the mannequin.
*Measurements are taken with the head attached.
Under bust (measurement, corsette, etc.):27.1inch
Sleeve length:20.4inch
Sleeve length(CB):29.5inch

About the Product
Fabrics used

Maruobi (pure silk)

Lining: Nagajuban (muslin)

Washing Method
  • Due to the nature of the product, please do not use water, but dry clean and wash.
  • We recommend drying the garments in the shade without washing if they are not soiled, as drying them in a well-ventilated place in the shade will remove most of the odor.
  • Our products are, thoroughly cleaned prior to sale.
  • We take every precaution to ensure the quality of our products, but due to the nature of remake products, wrinkles, needle holes, folds, etc. may inevitably remain. Please understand this in advance.
  • Please do not wear outdoors in the event of rain or snow.
  • To avoid discoloration, store in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
  • When storing, please use a breathable non-woven fabric or other cover.

-About Product Photographs
Although we have made every effort to ensure that the colors in the photos are as close to the actual product as possible, the colors may appear slightly different from the actual product due to differences in your environment (monitor, cell phone, browser, etc.). Please understand this in advance.

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